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[9 Jan 2011 by Keshav Shetty | 3 Comments | 6,027 views]
Random data compression – Lowerband & upper band filtering

Wish you all happy new year 2011.
in this article I will explain how a set of unique elements can be represented with less bits using filtering elements into two sets of upper and lower band.

Few users suggested to change the title, because title says “Random data” where as article describes about unique elements. Let me clarify that million random digit contains average 90-110 bytes of duplicate or non unique for every 256 bytes. If we could represent unique data set <=202 byte(worst case), we can use remaining 54 byte to …

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[3 Oct 2010 by Keshav Shetty | 2 Comments | 5,648 views]
Random data compression – Risk based selection

In my previous article I mentioned that once tree structure is ready we can fill and generate the random input along with one bit diff encoding.
As I observed as tree reaches mid levels, available options increases to 64+ elements, which will result into minimum 6bits per selection.
With respect to million random digit this approach will result into not more than 27 duplicates can be accommodated.
We need a better approach to selecting elements instead of one bit dif encoding.
I used the modified version of one bit dif encoding, I call it …

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[3 Oct 2010 by Keshav Shetty | 6 Comments | 10,373 views]
Random data compression – Using Tree

In this article I will explain how a B Tree can be used to model the unique numbers. This will be interesting article as best case scenario requires only 64bytes.
As you are aware B Tree or a balanced tree contains maximum two child for each node, all nodes left side will be lower than current node and all right side nodes will be higher than current node.
How can we use B Tree to model the random unique numbers?
In case of 256 unique numbers we will have 256 nodes, left most …

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[2 Oct 2010 by Keshav Shetty | 4 Comments | 6,000 views]
Random data compression – diff encoding with merge sort

Last article didn’t go well with my readers, so I decided to elaborate with example.
Lets assume we have eight random input say 5, 1, 3, 1, 2, 3, 0, 5
In this input 4th, 6th and 8th element are non unique i.e they already appeared at least once.
For each number we need a identifier or a flag to identify it as unique or duplicate. So we will have bit info like 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1
When 4th element appears which is duplicate of one of the past unique, …

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[1 Oct 2010 by Keshav Shetty | 8 Comments | 5,500 views]
Random data compression – One bit diff encoding continued

This is continuation of my previous article on Random data compression-One bit dif encoding.
Sorry for the long gap between this and last article. I was too busy.
After my my previous article many had asked how I achieved compression up to 42 bytes duplicates.
Here we go with the algorithm I used.
1. Read 256 bytes from the input.
2. Sequential process and mark unique and duplicates, we need 256 bits or 32 bytes. (Can’t stop this loss)
3. For each marked as non unique data, remember the position using one bit diff encoding. (Details …

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[5 Apr 2010 by Keshav Shetty | No Comment | 11,181 views]
Bangalore city traffic police

[The content of this blog entry is not mine, I recieved it thru a email, thought of keeping it somewhere for readers quick reference]

Visit Bangalore city traffic police
Check your vehicle traffic violation fines here “Search for Traffic Violations”
Understand and follow all traffic sign in Bangalore and India – Traffic sign
Various spot fine – List of Traffic offences, section of law and fine amount
Traffic Provisions – Traffic Do’s & Don’ts
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Traffic …

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[7 Dec 2009 by Keshav Shetty | 6 Comments | 29,396 views]
Random data compression – Is it possible? Part 1

Random data compression lossless – Is it possible?
The answer is NO (…. and yes!!!)
This is little lengthy blog to show and prove the difficulties and possible ways. This article divided into three section.
(Before you read further I suggest you to read Mark Nelson “The Million Random Digit Challenge“)
1. Why it is not possible to compress random data. (brief introduction to Kolmogorov theory)
2. Why it is possible (Quantum theory, matter and anti matter introduction)
3. The future for compression and possible solution with transition representation and unsorting techniques
If you want to skip …

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[6 Nov 2009 by Keshav Shetty | No Comment | 2,248 views]
What is racism or racial discrimination? Who is racist?

A racist is one who thinks he is smarter than God or a human who questions God.
Surprised by new definition! … Well find the reason below.

When I was coming into this world, God did not give me an option to select my race or my birth place. God neither gave me an option to select a particular geographical region or a continent or a country, nor He gave me the option of selecting my own religion. Forget the above options, He did not even give me a chance of selecting …

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[6 Nov 2009 by Keshav Shetty | 160 Comments | 213,578 views]
Ajmera Infinity

Before you plan to buy an apartment in Bangalore please read “ How to buy an apartment in Bangalore ” and “ Money management made easy “

I have booked my apartment with Ajmera Infinity located at Electronic City.
This is the place where I am going to stay from next year.
Ajmera infinity is a residential township built around 18acres of land comprises 1000+ apartments spread over17 blocks with 19 floors, offers 2, 3 and 4BHK sky apartments.

Click on the image for higher resolution images.

I was in search of apartment for almost …

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[6 Nov 2009 by Keshav Shetty | No Comment | 3,117 views]
Master of business law

In todays age everyone should have some knowledge of law and judiciary system.
I decided to take up Business and corporate law as future career option.
I enrolledd to Master of business law thru distant eduation mode from National Law School, this course will exapnd my legal knowledge.
I hope I will manage my time for this additional course and will complete within next two years and start a new career as legal advisor for corporates.
Two year of this course covers

Contract Law
Banking Law
Corporate Law
Industrial Relations Law
Environmental Law
Investment Laws
Insurance Laws
Law relating to Foreign Trade
Intellectual …