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Ajmera Infinity

6 November 2009 by Keshav Shetty 213,578 views 160 Comments

Before you plan to buy an apartment in Bangalore please read “ How to buy an apartment in Bangalore ” and “ Money management made easy

I have booked my apartment with Ajmera Infinity located at Electronic City.

This is the place where I am going to stay from next year.

Ajmera infinity is a residential township built around 18acres of land comprises 1000+ apartments spread over17 blocks with 19 floors, offers 2, 3 and 4BHK sky apartments.

Click on the image for higher resolution images.

I was in search of apartment for almost 2+ years, I finalised with Ajmera for following reasons.

  1. Best thing is about locality(Electronic city is landmark in Bangalore) and the concept of walk to work, (I am working at Electronic City, I assume that I will be working at Electronic City)
  2. 80 to 81 % carpet area efficiency, only few builders can provide.
  3. 86% open spaces and a nature park that plays host to over 1800 lush, full grown 20 year old trees, giving you the natural and heathly environment to live in the house.(Adds another garden to Garden city).
  4. Ajmera as a builder built their company and reputation over a period of half century, Compared with other builders of same category they have minimal or zero post delivery issues.
  5. Ajmera is offering world calss amenities, First time in Bangalore offering football size ground at Infinity. I am not a soccer player, I hope my childern will enjoy all such facilities. (For complete list of facilities download the brochure here)
  6. Ajmera is new to Bangalore with just two projects completed, they will be more interested in building the reputation during their initial projects.
  7. I checked with many of the customer of their earlier completed projects in Mumbai and their rating is best among builders in same category. (Note that Ajmera is among premium and Tire 1 builder)

Why I wrote this blog?

I wanted to help with my findings to other customer and prospective customer to analyse and decide about their home.

Today in real estate business, we cannot trust the builder 100%, however we need to find the best among the crowd and value for money.

Afterall when I am making big investment of life, I expect more return for money, less loss and piece of mind. I hope Ajmera will keep up their good name and reputation they earned so far.

I loved the planned or proposed landscape, interior etc, Althoug it is not premium, but I bet when it is completed it will be the best residential township and showpiece in Bangalore.

Those who are seeking more information can visit below link.

Also we have a yahoo group of all flat owners http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/ajmerainfinity/, you can seek further info from already booked customers.

There is two video or presentation available on you tube

About electronic city and its locatility visit EC website

I will keep updating this blog with more information in coming days. Also please comment or share with me any info you have related to Infinity, I will post it here, so that everyone will be benefited.

Note: This is purely my view, do not treat it as suggestion. Please make your own study and research before making your decision to invest or buy apartment in Ajmera Infinity.

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  • thesankas said:

    Hi all,

    We are planning to book a 3 BHK on the 16th floor of F-Block. Any one else who’s already booked / occupied in F-Block, could you please share your opinions here?

  • Tanuj said:


    Can any tenant staying here share their experience here please.


  • Alagurajan Karunakaran said:

    I have booked an apartment at Ajmera, I am looking for a car parking slot, is anyone interested to sell their car parking? I reside near the E-Block. Please contact me at 9972060439.

  • Alagurajan Karunakaran said:

    If anyone is willing to give their apartment car parking slot for rent?

  • Naveen said:

    Hi Alagurajan Karunakaran,

    I am owner of Flat F 1802,I have a covered car parking purchased with the flat,Currently a Tenant has occupied the flat but they do not use car parking.If you wish to use the same,Please contact me at kosgi_naveen@yahoo.co.in or you can sms me on +919739990615.

    PS: I am currently located in London hence email communication would be preferred.

    Naveen Kosgi

  • Rajeev said:

    Dear Keshav,

    Respect your views on Ajmera Infinity, thus addressing you. A 2 BHK in block N is costing 58, facing outside. Do you recommend ?

  • Vinay said:

    Is it true that tenants are not allowed to use facilities in Ajmera. I saw a posting above which looks absurd to me.

    Can someone let me know if this is true?.

    Rgds, Vinay

  • Rajeev said:

    Is buying a 2BHK in block N for 58 l worth it ?

  • Vishal said:

    Hi Rajeev,

    It depends on you depending on affordibility,as far as I know if you are working in Electronic city there is no better address,every doc is pucca,construction is good,facilities like creche,ground,swimming pools, kids playarea,securtiy,24 water supply is here.Ajmera is also very responsive about problems of residents if any. I heard that in ground next to Wipro Alexandria would be setting up pharma city.this may not be as big as in hyd but would generate 5000 jobs i.e. good rental income also..nyway talking about N Block I believe its one of most peaceful locations without any sound pollution and clean air as long as you are willing to walk a bit from main gate its pretty good.

  • Kumar said:

    Am seriously considering a 3bhk apt in the P & Q blocks that have some units still available.

    The quoted price is ~4000/sft. How competitive is the price? It would be great heartburn to discover getting burnt a little, esp. after excluding all the problems with construction quality, etc. discussed here.

    Is anyone reselling? What price are you/they quoting?

    Thanks in advance for any inputs.

  • Kumar said:

    Also, requesting a few more clarifications.

    * Car-park is being charged separately! This is a little odd.
    3L for covered – is that around what others have paid? 1.5L for open.

    * Clubhouse charges seem to vary from 1L-1.5L, which I discovered randomly talking to other buyers/visitors at the site. Again, what have recent new owners paid?

    * Can sales tax apply on “BWSSB & BESCOM” deposits, maintenance charges, club house and legal/misc. charges? If that’s legal and legit, I’d feel like a fool!


  • Ajay said:

    As far as I know P,Q and R are premium apartments in Ajmera so would not be having ny serious issues though I am not sure what you may be refering to.. I am owner of one of apartment and I would say house is decent whatever issues were there were fixed..regarding parking builders are not allowed to charge for car parking sep but not sure how this process is still going on in india..

  • Rajeev said:

    Thanks Vishal.

  • Sidhartha said:

    Regarding someone pointing out that willows residents will also be using ajmera infinity facilities, I doubt that because even on their website of willows, they have not mentioned facilites like tennis court or sqash court, they have only mentioned swimming pool which appears with willow’s layout.

    Another guy had pointed out that its not good for tenants. I was a tenant there for about 6 months and never faced any problem. Tenants need their owners to get resident cards created for the tenants and they will be able to use all the facility. And power connection is cut off for anyone if u don’t pay the bill. There is nothing unusual about that. Its a very good place for tenants actually.

  • Vishal said:

    Someone pointed out that there is no growth in electronic city. I dont’t think that is true. There is a Bangalore helix coming up near infinity and once completed (both phases), that will have another 20000 jobs. Then there are couple of very good schools which has come up. Treamis is one of them. Neomall is india’s largest mall which is coming 2.5 Kms from infinity. It has world class hospitals.

    Moreover, when u buy a home, its not only for financial appreciation. That area is much better place to live in than sarjapur or bellandur. These areas are full of dust and i don’t see any greenery there.

  • Jitendra said:

    That’s true for residential space you don’t need n number of mall. in EC you will get most of daily usage things readily available. Hiranandani is coming before wipro gate and they have two floors of retail.Its a big project with retail,office space and five star hotel

  • Jitendra said:

    I would like to know some information regarding bangalore helix. This will host biotech companies.Is this going to cause any pollution or some smelling kind of environment ?

  • Kumar said:

    Can anyone tell what’s the UDS for a 3bhk (1692sft)? The execs say .11% amounting to 711 sft. But that implies total area of about 14.8 acres only, which’s about 3.5acres less than the total land.

    Is that calculation correct? What have others owners got?

  • nidhi said:

    i am looking to buy a 3bhk in p or q block.
    the price being quoted by the builder is
    nearly 4000per sqft . is that reasoable ?
    also how is the quality of thefittings etc?
    any input from current owners?
    thank you!!

  • Anshul Agrawal said:

    Someone said there is no growth in E-City! This is much better than whitefield, outer ring road, sarjapur road or bellandur which has nothing but only dust everywhere. In all these areas driving in peak hours becomes pain. At least E-City doesnt have that much traffic, thanks to “not so much development” as compared to North or East Bangalore. Some good points about this area are: 1. Fresh dust free air. b. No ground water issues. c. Very good public transportation from Wipro. There is 356CW recently started which goes via flyover and reaches Silkboard in 15 minutes. There is a new superstore opened in front of Ajmera – Nilgiris and another in front of Concorde – Four Points. You get all basic needs at decent cost unlike HSR layout or Sarjapura road where everything is inflated. Plus, one biggest advantage – Metro Phase II is coming on highway which is just 3 kms away

  • Radhika said:

    We are looking for an appt in Ajmera infinity P Block and they are quoting 3850, what is the reasonable price what we can pay there?\

  • Snehal said:

    which floor and which apartment in P block?

  • Owner B block said:


    While I agree on few point made by few owner in favor of project, I would like to provide few facts.

    What is worst in AI

    1. Water problem/No water – Builder is planning to charge 200 per person for water charges on top of regular maintenance charges

    2. Construction quality is not up to mark. Walls in my flat so weak that they can’t hold a curtain rod. You will find on sand if you dig the wall.

    3. Bathroom fitting are worst I have ever seen. Any small time builder would provide better fittings than Ajmera.

    4. There is no transparency in dealing with maintenance fund that was collected initially. Builder is rigid and would do whatever they want.

    5.The worst part is as CEO of Ajmera is also living in one of the flats and he is also President of so called Ajmera Infinity association. So one can imagine how the association would function.

    6. Flat owners have to pay to use the Club house amenities though builder had charged for the membership. This really sucks..

    Good things…

    1. Project is good in term of location and concept. Ajmera has done real good marketing.

    2. It looks upmarket from outside…

    3. Lots of open space.. so far if they don’t change the plan and construct new buildings..

    My opinion…

    If someone is investing 80 Lac, better spend some time to look for other options around bangalore before buying here in Ajmera. Even though you decided to buy, please be prepare to accept these facts and be happy paying huge money for this project

  • Nidhi said:


    I wanted to know if any of the present owners in Block P ave been given the Occupation Certificate from the builder? We have received a CD of documents from the builder but it does not have the OC for the new blocks.

    Thank you!

  • Owner said:

    Ajmera management spoils your dream of staying in your dream house.

    Don’t be fooled. While buyin you are promised of amenities, but you would have never got a though those amenities will be ever shut down to cut maintainance. 2 lifts for each block… shut down one lift indefnitely to cut cost…Absurd decision by ajmera…just to fulfill that 24 months of maintainance amount..

    You loose ur car parking sticker, pay 1000 rs fine…ha ha….u must be a fool to invest here…

    Water… No water…pay extra that too per head…

    Basically, in my opinion you are better off staying in rented space than investing here…

    Quality, worst… Looks like the wall plaster will not hold for 2 years…leakages….crazy…

    Don’t get cheated with the view of landscape and highly talented marketing executives…

  • Owner said:

    To new customer,

    I fully endorse these facts.

    With this project Ajmera is going to lose all it’s reputation. It has to change it’s attitude towards customers after they sign in the dotted line for the agreement. Because of this attitude, 900 flat owners have to suffer now…

  • Owner said:

    Oops.. You will receive a legal notice now that you are damaging the reputation of the so called reputed builder…

  • Ramnath said:

    I’m looking for a car parking slot for rent… any pointers?

  • T said:

    I am keen on booking a flat in P block..

    To all the flat owners who are currently living in AI please let me know who is the apartment complex, amnities etc. is there a major water/electricity problem?

    Is it true that inspite of owning an apartment you cannot use the amenities fully?

  • Owner said:

    Miss T,

    You heard it right… You can’t unless you pay.
    Also there is water problem in the complex and you need to pay 200 per person per month and still you don’t get water from 2-5 pm every day.. This list is long..

  • jit said:

    who said that you can’t use the facilities.You can use all the facilities free except the club house facilities. The club house facilities is charged 400 per person per month. I think that’s very reasonable based on the amenities provided.I don’t think any other society operate differently. Water change is Rs 200 per person. This could have been added to maintenance cost. Since Ajmera is doing maintenance from the maintenance amount collected, its ok. Water problem is everywhere in Bangalore. Ajmera has collected 1.5 Rs per sft for maintenance and that is less compare to other builders. Even small apartment maintenance cost is more than that in Bangalore these days.

  • vivek said:


    Ajmera has started opened S and T block for booking with pre-emi scheme and quoating Rs 4250/- sq ft.. What do you think on the price?
    Also, what to ask them before booking/agreement? Any one interested for group booking.
    Vivek 9008029450

  • Ganesh said:

    Can anyone suggest whether 74L for 3bhk in L block is the right price its a resale one.appreciate ur inputs.

  • Rads said:

    We are planning to invest in the new S/T blocks on the pre-emi scheme. The base price quoted is 4250Rs/sqft and the total price comes to around 64 lacs. Can anybody suggest if this a good investment ?

  • Vakil Arora said:

    This is my dream project. I have stayed here in past and would like to come back to Ajmera Infinity. This is better than Concorde Manhattans where builder is unethical and people residing are dumbass who have no sense of respecting someone’s privacy,

  • Sumit said:

    Ajmera Infinity is one of the best projects in electronic city and much better than Concorde Manhattans.. I have invested in this property and very happy since then…It is for sure a value for money..

  • Niraj Kumar said:

    What is the size of the 3BHK? and which floor? That will help in assessing the price that you have quoted below.

    “Can anyone suggest whether 74L for 3bhk in L block is the right price its a resale one.appreciate ur inputs.”

  • Shai said:

    I have booked flat in upcoming block at Ajmeras but still facing some issue with sales guys. Earlier I thought that I would refer some of my friends to this property but I am not sure how things will work out with Ajmeras as in couple of month I have found the sales team is quite messed up.

  • sai said:

    @shai : Can u pls give me your contact details at my email id sairam.yy@gmail.com
    I booked flat in T block in Jan 1st week.. Still awating approvals and sale agreement.

  • Prospective Buyer said:


    I happened to visit this project today and found it interesting. I am thinking about buying a flat in Block S or T.

    There are mixed reviews about Ajmera Infinity on the internet and its difficult to differentiate fake (or over hyped) reviews from genuine ones.

    I am a first time buyer and have the following queries, that I sincerely hope can be solved by any of the existing flat owners:

    1. I wanted to know if there is any Water problem. Some reviews suggest that water is not available b/w 2 to 5 PM. Is this true ? Any additional charges need to be paid to get water ?

    2. Are amenities open for outsiders?

    3. Is construction quality really a concern? Some reviews state leakages and seepage.

    4. Do flat owners have to pay monthly club house charges additionally?

    5. Is it true that to resale the flat, the owner needs to pay to the builder Rs. 250/- per sq.ft. If this is true, does this hold true forever (meaning even if I sell my flat after 5 yrs.) ?

    6. Does the agreement state any clause that states that in case of any land issue, the builder would get the benefit?

    Thanks and Regards,
    – A Genuine Prospective Buyer

  • syd said:

    Dear All,

    My opinion on Ajmera Infinity. Currently I am Staying in Ajmera infinity.

    It is the second time the entire ajmera is without water.. without prior notice they have shut down the water supplies. Today one such incident when we try to approach the helpdesk they gave some blame excuses. They informed as the water will be available from today 10:30 AM. But the have stopped the supply from yesterday 9:00 AM without proper intimation. Every Day there won’t be water supply from 2-5 pm

    If there are leakages inside your houses provided it can be rectified very easily but if the root of the leakage is from the other apartments we will be having a tough time in getting done because payment involved in this.

    Reg car and bike stickers if a person is having two bike and no cars he/she are allowed to have only one two wheeler sticker, inspite of the space he/she has for the car.

    Ajmera Residents consume water 4.75 lakh liters of water every day.

    I don’t know how come the government approved such apartments where they don’t even have a bore well.

    A Basic necessity for living in a house is water and electricity.



  • Owner said:

    I saw police few days back in AI. Is everything alright?

  • Owner said:

    Are the approvals for S and T block in process. They have been delaying that since 3 months by giving some reason or the other. There is no risk involved there right. Any info on this is highly appreciated.

  • Anshul Agrawal said:

    I used stay Ajmera on rent. But, its really congested. No place to breath even. Construction quality is pathetic. There was seepage in my flat and no one cared to take care about it. On top of that builder is president of Association so u can imagine what kind of association it will be. Amenities are charged heftily and no one uses them. I am sure after some years they will become showcase only. Water supply is through tankers are borewells are dried up. I had to purchase a flat and hence moved to Concorde Manhattans. It is much better than Ajmera Infinity.

  • jit said:

    Hi Anshu,
    If you find Ajmera Congested ,then no other flat will be better than it in bangalore. Ajmera Infinity is build is one side, so it has best open space and ventilation.
    Once the new society forms, it used to have some problem. But now these problem is solved. Society is well managed.There is no problem of water. Yes, it depends on tanker, but In Blr that is the fact. 70 to 80% apartments are depend on tanker water. We need to accept the hard fact.

  • Antonietta said:

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    of these problems became overlooked, and many substandard creatively designed websites are
    still around today, with more and more being sent live on the world
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  • ganesh drillers said:

    I truly do accept as true with the many thoughts you’ve available in your posting. There’re extremely persuading which enable it to definitely work. Nevertheless, your blogposts are far too small first off. Can you remember to increase these people somewhat from subsequent time frame? Was looking for write-up.

  • Krishnaraj said:

    This blog has helped me immensely.

    I was about to buy a 3BHK in Ajmera Infinity which I have decided not to pursue after readying the dreadful experiences of the owners.

    As per Ajmera, all the comments above is by the competitors. And since the names of the commentor is not displayed, it is almost not true.

    I wish you folks come out of the bad experience soon. Good luck!

  • Gyan said:

    AJMERA BUILDER in bangalore is most horrible you can find in bangalore. And No I am not saying from hearsay, I am an owner in Ajmera infinity.

    My house has all amenities, SEEPAGE all round, pathetic plaster which keep coming off, poor quality fittings, Extremely poor maintenence, Association which is hand in glove with builder, TODAY THIS IS THE WORST PLACE TO LIVE.



  • Rahul said:

    Dear All,
    I feel sorry for all of you for being a Frog in the well.Everyone of you are talking about the Non-Technical part of the Product.Somebody said that there will be always some issues for a work of such magnitude.Iam sure everyone knows that Issues should also be limited.Whats the use when an “Operation Sucessfull & Pstients died”. If u don’t believe Snoop inside the current ongoing projects to know the detoriated Construction work @ S-T Block.Go into the basement & See the columns.If you are smart enough, you will observe too.
    There are other builders/developers who build good & sale with ethics.
    If u still think you are right- Go Ahead & Break your Head.

    Rahul Singh

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